▌Self-driving can be based on the booking area, Gaode navigation "Jinshawan Seafood Building" drive straight to the parking lot, and then walk according to the signs to arrive.

▌High-speed rail or train tickets can be purchased to "Wenling Station".


(1) The organizer set up in the transfer station according to the relevant guidance signs to the fixed points to wait for the bus, you can take the 211 Songmen - train station, 231 Shitang - train station, 232 Ruo Hill - train station, three bus lines to Songmen Station transfer, the ticket price of 12 yuan, the interval between the frequency of 15-30 minutes. If you have any questions, please consult the on-site staff at the interchange station.

(2) Songmen Station Transfer: After arriving at Songmen Station, you can directly transfer to a short shuttle bus from the transfer station to the centralized point of the event: Jinsha Beach Parking Lot.

(3) The designated hotels in Songmen will provide shuttle buses to the start/finish point of Golden Beach, please contact the front desk of the hotels for the specific departure time.


(1) Land at Taizhou Luqiao Airport, about 50 kilometers from Jinshawan Seafood Building.

(2) Land at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, about 130 kilometers from "Jinshawan Seafood Building".

The starting point of the race is located at Jinsha Beach, Shitang Town, Wenling City. If you need to drive to the race, please park your car in the parking lot of Jinsha Beach and park in an orderly manner.

Shuttle bus information on March 31, 2024 start, starting now, Songmen Town, Shitang Town, B&B hotels can be accepted to book the organizing committee on the day of the tournament shuttle bus departure location, Songmen Town, as well as the town of Shitang, B&B hotels niche exquisite, the number of rooms is limited, all players can be based on their own travel plans and the shuttle bus positioning to book the nearby periphery of B&B hotels in advance.

▌Shitang Town

Wenling Shitang Kaiyuan Mingting Hotel

Wenling New East Paris Hotel

Wenling Shitang Town Colorful Island Parking Lot

Wenling Shitang Town Coastal Greenway Entrance

▌Songmen Town

Songmen Golden Bay Apartment Entrance (100 meters west of Songmen Aquatic Market)

Songmen Hanting Hotel

Songmen Songxi Temple Entrance (next to Tianzhu Bridge on Tianzhu North Road)

Songmen Golden Harbor Road Harbor Hotel

Dongxia Beach Scenic Spot

Songmen Linchuan Hongxin Hotel (the location of the point of discretionary change according to the booking of each player near the situation, the scope of the two or three hundred meters)