Wenling Golden Coast Trail race was founded in 2017, is one of the domestic high-qualitycoastal trail race brand, 2021 race successfully selected "Zhejiang Province key cultiva-tion brand sports event directory library", the Gold Coast leisure trip project was selected"2021 annual Yangtze River Delta region boutique sports The Golden Coast Leisure Jour.ney Project was selected as the "2021 Yangtze River Delta Region Excellence Sports andTourism Route".

The track digs deep into Wenling mountain and sea resources, relying on the demand forcross-country running and the original ecological mountain and sea trail resources tobuild, "shitang stone house lodging", "coastal coastal greenway as the highlights of theseries of Shitang town coastal greenway, stone house lodging group, Pearl Beach, JiuquChengtou, Aurora Monument, Songmen Town, "the golden coast of the sports and leisurebelt", the rhyme of the mountains and the sea, and other scenic spots, a comprehensivedisplay of the Gold Coast track, the Golden Coast Leisure Journey Project. Scenic spots, acomprehensive display of the unique charm of the Gold Coast Raceway. This is one of thefew coastal trail tracks on the mainland, with beautiful scenery along the way, compara-ble to Hong Kong's 100-kilometer panoramic view of the mountains and the sea.